Carlo Rovelli

“The best grammar for thinking about the world is that of change, not of permanence. Not of being, but of becoming."

Like gentle fog over the mountains, a summer’s hike with a trusted friend, or a delightful day at the beach, Rivka’s voice feels like blissful comfort and playful pep. She is a voice actor with over 20 years of experience behind the mic - her sound is alluring, dynamic, and always authentic, and her style is one with palpable panache.

A true creative, Rivka loves working closely with her clients to create a sound that effortlessly aligns with the story they want to tell. She’s a versatile performer - years of traveling and living abroad have gifted her with a depth and adaptability to tell many different stories. Rivka has worked with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Google, Nivea, Merck, and many more. 

She holds a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University, and also spent three months abroad studying at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Moscow, Russia. After completing her education, Rivka moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue a career in performance art. Her voiceover career began when she took a job dubbing a foreign film into English. And the rest is history.

Originally from Colorado, Rivka has recently returned to her roots. She now resides in the mountains of Manitou Springs where she works from her broadcast-quality home studio. Rivka is a spiritually oriented and driven person with a dash of laughter to match. She’s also a national award-winning professional singer.

From the subtle and cerebral to the lighthearted and bright, and for depth that’s magnetic and panache that’s undeniably formidable, Rivka is your go-to voice artist. Her voice is sure to turn the heads and hearts of your listeners around the world.

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