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" Rivka was a gift to work with. She is super professional, does an amazing job and goes above and beyond. I look forward to our next project with her. "

Steve Burich // Trilogy visual media // creative director

" Rivka is always a pleasure to work with. Her bright, clear, fresh and friendly voice is suitable for many projects. She has a natural sense for what the script requires, takes directions very well and is comfortable and easygoing with clients in session. An excellent voiceover actress. "

Bo Freij // Project Manager // Online Voices

" Rivka was so great to work with! She is flexible, dedicated, and talented. We wanted a transatlantic English accent for our project's voiceover, and she worked with us before, during, and after the session to make sure she met (and exceeded) expectations. I'm looking forward to working with Rivka again! "

gina falcone // Duke & Duck // Former Ass. Producer

" Rivka has lent her voice to us here in Vienna for many fine projects. In every instance, Rivka has worked with the highest level of professionalism, and quick implementation right from the start. Definitely recommend! Thank you for the early mornings, your good mood, and for the awesome thank you cards. :) "



" Rivka has...a great talent for acting and is, in addition, an outstanding singer. She was the ideal cast for our production and gave an exceptional performance. We were incredibly happy with the collaboration! "


" Rivka's talent and professionalism are hard to come by. She played the leading role of many of the international films we (Capelight Pictures) dubbed into English, such as AK-47 Kalashnikov, Attraction Invasion and Chernobyl 1986, to name a few. I couldn't recommend her enough! "

" The recordings from Rivka Rothstein's home studio sound excellent. Not only is her voice great and her performance believable, but also the communication with Rivka is super relaxed, and she is always absolutely reliable and perfectly prepared. Always a pleasure to work with her. "

Dominik Kapahnke // sound designer

" Rivka is a total pro and then some! Her talent and professionalism are both top notch. Working with her is a complete pleasure. I’d recommend her for any voice project and day of the week! "

jordan leigh // donna baldwin agency // agent

always authentic...

A professional female voice over artist, Rivka's voice feels like gentle fog over the mountains, a summer’s hike with a trusted friend, or a delightful day at the beach. Her voice evokes blissful comfort and playful pep. She is a voice artist with over 20 years of experience behind the mic - her sound is alluring, dynamic, and always authentic, and her style is one with palpable panache.

A true creative, Rivka loves working closely with her clients to create a sound that effortlessly aligns with the story they want to tell. She’s a versatile performer - years of traveling and living abroad have gifted her with a depth and adaptability to tell many different stories. Rivka has worked with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Google, Nivea, Merck, and many more. 

She holds a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University, and also spent three months abroad studying at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Moscow, Russia. After completing her education, Rivka moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue a career in performance art. Her voiceover career began when she took a job dubbing a foreign film into English. And for this professional female voice over artist, the rest is history.

professional female voice over artist

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